Crisis Management Drills and What if Scenarios

What is a crisis? A time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger. What is Crisis Management? Crisis Management is the application of strategies created to help an organization deal with disruptive and unexpected events that threaten the employees, customers, suppliers, property, reputation and bottom line. Some crises occur naturally, e.g., fire, earthquake, and hurricane; some… Continue Reading

Crisis Management: Activating a Plan of Action

It’s not if, it’s when. Crisis can strike any company at any time. The key to survival is first understanding how a crisis can impact your employees, customers, suppliers, property, reputation and bottom line. Next, developing a plan of action can help your organization mitigate damage and develop trust with your customers and target audience.… Continue Reading

It’s Not If, It’s When You Have A Crisis…

What Happens If… Your CEO dies in a plane crash A tornado destroys a production facility A trusted employee embezzles money In today’s business environment, every organization is vulnerable to crisis. The manner in which it is handled can have critical and permanent implications for your organization. Crisis – circumstances that threaten to harm people,… Continue Reading

Increasing Your Potential, One Thought at a Time

In listening to Dr. Dispenza relating to his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, he says that we have 60-70 thousand thoughts a day (90% of which the same thoughts are repeated every day) creating the same choices, behavior, experiences, emotions, evolution and therefore the same results. When we learn something new it connects with… Continue Reading

We are a People of Mass Potential

If we are a people of mass potential, what percentage of that potential are we using? The answer is all too often an unfortunate very low amount. How do we stay focused and in balance without becoming overwhelmed? One of my answers came during a summit meeting with Brian Buffini. He suggested that we consider… Continue Reading

Two Minute Tip: Imagine for a moment…

What if you had a delete and refresh button for doing business in a new or better way? Tips For your business: • Whether you are in construction, a Fortune 500 Company, a non-profit, or an organization — It basically starts with your people. • Maybe a realignment of your Organization Chart is in order!?… Continue Reading