Why Digital Workplace Trends are Important to Your Organization

In 2016, we saw social media influence how businesses marketed their products and services. Mobile marketing, for one, allowed customers to engage and share experiences with and about brands they love and dislike. Josh Bersin talked about 2017 trends in his SHRM article “Viewpoint: Trends and Predictions for 2017.” He predicted that organizations would focus… Continue Reading

Two Minute Tip: Imagine for a moment…

What if you had a delete and refresh button for doing business in a new or better way? Tips For your business: • Whether you are in construction, a Fortune 500 Company, a non-profit, or an organization — It basically starts with your people. • Maybe a realignment of your Organization Chart is in order!?… Continue Reading

Do you fail if you quit? — Developing an effective hiring process

Books have been written about the Zappos online shoe store and their highly successful concepts and unorthodox ideas.  Their customer service repos are key to that success.  A key part of Zappos’ hiring process is finding out if new hires are fully committed to their culture…so during the onboarding period, after candidates have been screened, offered a… Continue Reading