We are a People of Mass Potential

If we are a people of mass potential, what percentage of that potential are we using? The answer is all too often an unfortunate very low amount. How do we stay focused and in balance without becoming overwhelmed? One of my answers came during a summit meeting with Brian Buffini. He suggested that we consider… Continue Reading

Two Minute Tip: Imagine for a moment…

What if you had a delete and refresh button for doing business in a new or better way? Tips For your business: • Whether you are in construction, a Fortune 500 Company, a non-profit, or an organization — It basically starts with your people. • Maybe a realignment of your Organization Chart is in order!?… Continue Reading

Change Your Words, Change Your World

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” is easy to say, but hard to accept.    We have a fabulous member on our  Consult P3 team whose business is based on helping companies and organizations learn the power of a sincere apology – one that takes ownership of the wrongdoing… Continue Reading

Focus and Balance

“Focus and Balance” is the 2012 motto for a special client of mine.  Stop and think about it –  A few minutes of being focused and “getting IT done” soothes anxiety, gives you a sense of accomplishment, and generally adds to your productivity.  An old “Momism” teaches, “A stitch in time saves nine”!  In explaining… Continue Reading

Men at work?

Someone told me that more than a third of U.S. fathers (38%) would rather stay home and take care of their children full-time than work…

Crisis looming?

Are you way past the “take a deep breath” stage one and into OMG stage four? Do you know how to ask for help?

Take a short walk off a tall tower

What induces people to throw themselves off giant structures or strap themselves into rockets bound for the stratosphere? As Wency Leung discovered, a thrill-seeking, Type T personality helps.

The year we stopped talking

USA Today ran this article and it was and is ‘right on’. 2010 was the year we stopped talking. Americans are more connected than ever, just not in person.  Just review these stats: