Why Digital Workplace Trends are Important to Your Organization

In 2016, we saw social media influence how businesses marketed their products and services. Mobile marketing, for one, allowed customers to engage and share experiences with and about brands they love and dislike. Josh Bersin talked about 2017 trends in his SHRM article “Viewpoint: Trends and Predictions for 2017.” He predicted that organizations would focus… Continue Reading

Customer Service in the Web 2.0 World

Chuck Ganapathi writes that our world is changing and the rules of customer service are being rewritten… With over 100,000 new blogs being created each day, every individual’s voice can be heard.  And with more ways to connect with one another people are starting to tap into the power of the online community. What does… Continue Reading

Buying the Textbook Gospel?

As a consultant – my challenge is to stay ahead of the printed material – and create options rather than what you read in a textbook as gospel.

Are you living on a cloud?

For those of us still wondering what the big deal is about Cloud Computing – her is the best description I’ve found – sent by Mentis Group.

For those of you curious about numbers,

115 = the approximate number of acres (45 hectares) of watermelon fields that farmers in eastern China have lost because of melons exploded, apparently as a result of a growth chemical, according to state media.

'Widow- Maker' is the newest C-Level word

‘Widow- Maker’ is the newest C-Level word to describe a position in an organization, so named because it defeats even the most capable executives (regardless of gender), as if it were predestined.


Another reason, says Kiplinger…for the less-than-robust post recession economic growth: small businesses aren’t providing the usual oomph for job gain.  Smalls employ about half the workforce and account for two-thirds of new hiring.

U.S. Population Growth Slowed

Despite the slowest decade of population growth since the Great Depression, the U.S. remains the world’s fastest-growing industrialized nation and the globe’s third most populous country at the same time when some are actually shrinking.