Cutting Costs – The Right Way

Million Dollars

As I read every day about layoffs and an economy headed close to if not back into recession, I can’t help but feel like we’re back in 2008.

“Keep off the grass”

This month’s guest blogger is Jan West Tardy, a Consult P3 faculty member and founder of Tardy and Associates. Jan is a certified etiquette and protocol trainer. She is certified by The Protocol School of Washington, a leader in the field of etiquette and protocol training. Jan’s programs include business protocol, public speaking, business etiquette, and general health.

Is Your Website a Dinosaur?

Many people are increasing the number of social media channels that they utilize. This means spending more time and energy, and increases the importance of monitoring your success with each. A natural question becomes the role of your website in your overall social media strategy.

Generational Diversity

This month’s guest blogger is Consult P3 faculty member, Sherri Elliott-Yeary. Sherri is known as the “Generational Guru” because she has a passion for sharing her vast knowledge on generational differences.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

When you think about optimizing your organization, your thoughts may conjure up the need for efficiency or effectiveness. Yet, when you look at the definitions for those terms, it is clear that organizations need to optimize both.

Social Media and Crisis Response:

Our guest blogger this month is Consult P3 faculty member, Jeff Brady. Jeff is one of the trainers for Consult P3’s crisis management program called Vortex.

Agile Business Leader – Developing the Next Generation

Business Leader

Many organizations agree that people are their most valuable asset yet few consider its importance. Instead organizations are thought of simply in terms of what they produce; products and services rather than the talent that creates those things.

Control Your Own Destiny – Now What?

That’s the question on most people’s minds. August brought more bad news on the economy, and pessimism on the economic outlook continues to increase. Fall is always an important time, as we strive to meet our goals for the year, and plan for and set goals for next year.


Our guest blogger this month is Susie Parker who is one of my daughter-in-loves. I am honored that she sent this to me and thought perhaps you might have people in your life that would smile if they received it from you …