Let’s Face It!


We have been blessed to take some incredible trips as evidenced by the 4,000 photos I have in the memory cards when we return. There is a reason for calling them memory cards…we capture the moments that our minds can’t always recall. Our albums are full of the people we touched and were touched by.… Continue Reading

What’s Trending And What Needs Mending?

Peggy Noonan recently wrote an article for the WSJ – American’s Crisis of Character.  To quote her “…People in politics talk about the right track/wrong track numbers as an indicator of public mood.  Only 24% of Americans feel we’re on the right track as a nation.  That’s a historic low.  Political professionals tend, understandably, to… Continue Reading

Are YOU changing or realigning??? There’s a big difference.

If it’s time to cross over the bridge to becoming a more profitable company or organization…are YOU changing or realigning??? There’s a big difference. Change:  To make different- to put in place of something else Realign: To arrange in a straight line – to readjust alliances or working arrangements between or within groups There seems… Continue Reading

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

The leaders of the organization must remember that it takes a strong foundation to stand, and that the quality of the foundation is instrumental in any organization’s success.


In with the new … out with the old!

We have a rule at our “limited space” house; bring in something that’s not perishable and two items need to go out to make room. I just purchased three pairs of shoes and was challenged to discard 6 of the well worn pairs.


Are you cruisin' or snoozin'?

It’s almost time to think vacation and that’s good….can you afford the time and money to be away? Do you give yourself permission to sail away with a clear conscience? If the answer is no, let’s talk about the quality of your life. You do have a life that you call your own, right?

Three guys and a girl, but where are the high-heels?

All of my past blogs have featured a photo of where my high-heels have been with the narrative reflecting the visual. This time what you see is three guys and a girl looking calm and businesslike. What you don’t see are my heels and the gentlemen’s well polished shoes. What you don’t know is, like the proverbial duck, how fast we all are paddling beneath that calm exterior and how excited we are to introduce an incredible program called Crisis Management – Facing the Vortex.