How in the world do you make decisions?

Are you mentally and physically centered enough to make decisions that positively affect your life and the lives of others? Whether you’re a CEO, parent raising children, entrepreneur, or a student we all need to brush up on our methods of decision making from time-to-time. Some of the key aspects of how we make sound decisions… Continue Reading

Two Minute Tip: Imagine for a moment…

What if you had a delete and refresh button for doing business in a new or better way? Tips For your business: • Whether you are in construction, a Fortune 500 Company, a non-profit, or an organization — It basically starts with your people. • Maybe a realignment of your Organization Chart is in order!?… Continue Reading

Reclaim your desk!

Reclaim your desk! Know what to trash and what to stash!  According to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance article,  Keep all of your old tax returns, and hang on to the supporting documents for three years after a return’s filling due date – six years if you have self-employment income (some states require records from earlier years… Continue Reading

By the people and for the people?

Isn’t it within each of us to be the best we can be; grow in strength; support rather than destroy each other; plan for what we WANT instead of what we don’t have…

College students turn into CEOs

As college sophomores, Ian Bowman-Hendersona nd Niklos Salontay dreamed of instantly linking real-world objects to the wealth of information and conversations about those objects on-line.