Crisis Management Drills and What if Scenarios

What is a crisis?

A time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger.

What is Crisis Management?

Crisis Management is the application of strategies created to help an organization deal with disruptive and unexpected events that threaten the employees, customers, suppliers, property, reputation and bottom line.

  1. Some crises occur naturally, e.g., fire, earthquake, and hurricane; some are man-made, e.g., scandal, corruption, and terrorist attack. There are several things that all crises have in common. All crises…
  2. Are unknown and unexpected
  3. Have a low probability rate, but high impact on an organization
  4. Offer little time to respond
  5. Challenge an organization’s decision making, which leads to better or worse results

How do you prepare for a crisis?

In this month’s Two Minute Tips we give you a glimpse of what a crisis management drill looks like and ways your organization can implement our strategies to reduce instability and uncertainty amongst employees in the event of a crisis.

Download our additional crisis management resources– What happens if…? and Activating a Plan of Action.

We hope these resources will help your organization either develop or reevaluate your crisis management plan. If you need help designing or assessing your plan, please contact Petey Parker at We would be happy to assist your organization in developing a desirable crisis management outcome. Our Crisis Management Program can help you identify and evaluate a disaster, identify a crisis management team, prepare your leadership and develop your media message.

Let us train your staff so that your company can face a crisis with confidence.