We are a People of Mass Potential

If we are a people of mass potential, what percentage of that potential are we using? The answer is all too often an unfortunate very low amount.

How do we stay focused and in balance without becoming overwhelmed? One of my answers came during a summit meeting with Brian Buffini. He suggested that we consider the below:

The Five Circles of Life

  1. Spiritual
  2. Relational
  3. Vocational
  4. Fiscal
  5. Personal

You may name them differently: health (mental and/or physical), wealth, self (ego), business, family/friends, hobbies etc.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Prioritize your priorities – select the top 5.
  2. Rate all five from 1-10 as to how much of your potential you are presently using. For example, you may rate your Physical Health as your #1 priority, but are only using 5% of your potential needed to get to your goal.
  3. Write down one thing you can do to improve each priority by 10%. For example, under Physical Health – if you are presently running 1 mile, improve it by 10% by running 1.1 miles per day. Taking small steps for BIG results!
  4. Mark your success each day on your calendar. For example, if your number one priority is your Physical Health, after you’ve run that 1.1 miles mark #1 on your calendar for the day.
  5. Review your calendar after a month and monitor your success.


Next month we will talk about breaking some of your habits that get in the way of reaching your potential.


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