It’s Not If, It’s When You Have A Crisis…

What Happens If…

  • Your CEO dies in a plane crash
  • A tornado destroys a production facility
  • A trusted employee embezzles money

In today’s business environment, every organization is vulnerable to crisis. The manner in which it is handled can have critical and permanent implications for your organization.

Crisis – circumstances that threaten to harm people, property, interrupt business or damage an organization’s reputation and/or bottom line.

Are you ready for an unanticipated crisis?

Developing a crisis management response plan can help your organization anticipate and prepare for a real life event. Inadequate preparation in a crisis can have many negative effects:

  • Breakdown in your organization’s operational response
  • A tarnished reputation as your organization will be perceived as inept and in some cases criminally negligent
  • The length of time it takes to respond with a resolution will be extended
  • Financial impact to your organizations bottom line could be more severe
  • Stakeholders will not know what is happening and may become confused and frustrated

There are 3 steps that your organization can take to develop a comprehensive readiness program.

  1. Define the Crisis Architecture
  2. Prepare Your Leadership
  3. Develop Your Media Message

Take a look at the Two Minute Tip below as it explains in further detail the beginning stages to creating a crisis management plan. Keep an eye out for our next tip as we will explain how to develop a crisis management program.

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