Looking for a new car?

Kiplinger says you might want to start your search with your bank. Financial institutions want a bigger piece of consumer car transactions.

Outlook for commercial real estate?

commercial real estate

Still ugly according to the Kiplinger report, thou less than a year ago. More deals are getting done. Buyers and sellers are getting closer on pricing. And a small amount of mortgage backed debt is again being securitized and sold, providing a trickle of new financing now and the hope of a steadier stream in the future.

Consulting: Fact or Fiction

Consultants are a dime a dozen… fact or fiction? While it’s true that there is an abundance of people calling themselves consultants, they certainly do NOT charge by the dime. Consider some of the factors to consider before hiring the perfect fit for yourself or your firm:

Foreclosures take a dive

Foreclosures take the biggest dive in years last November.  Filings saw their biggest drop in at least 5 years after revelations concerning thousands of documents may have been improperly prepared.

Gen Y

I’m often asked during my seminar based on “Bridging the Gen Gaps” to speak up for the Y Generation. So here it is …

Dear Fellow Taxpayer

Despite all of the recent changes to the tax law, one of the most important tax breaks for 2010 isn’t being claimed by a surprising number of people: