Are You Acting or Reacting When it Comes to What You May Have Some Controll Over?

OK , so we never thought we’d be happy to talk about long-term care, so give us a break!

According to the Kiplinger Report, you can deduct more of your long-term-care premiums as a medical expense in 2010.  Taxpayers age 71 and older can now claim up to $4,110, seniors 61-70 can claim up to $3,290, while people 51-60 can deduct up to $1,230.

The MetLife Mature Market institute has updated its guide titled Legal Matters, which offers information about aging-related legal matters, health-care planning and financial decisions.  Call 203-221-6580 to get a copy, or download one at

The Family Caregiver Alliance’s “Family Care Navigator” helps families locate government, nonprofit and private caregiver support programs.  The online guide includes information on legal resources, living arrangements and disease-specific organizations.  You can find the caregivers online guide at .

As for some GOOD NEWS:

Gross domestic product grew 3.2% in the first quarter of 2010.

You can get a tax break when paying extra for a license plate that advocates a charitable cause.

Christian Bovee said, “Activity and sadness are incompatible.”   I say, “Be in control of your actions – welcome the possibilities”.