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Handling Holiday Returns

It’s inevitable – either someone gave you something that you don’t care for, or you got someone something they didn’t care for. If your company is in the business of selling anything, products or services, returns will come into play. Here’s a few short tips:

How to Handle YOUR Image Problem

you, or someone in your company has made private or public decisions that could negatively impact customers’ opinions of your company — no matter how it happened or who it happened to — YOU’VE got an image problem.

Five Good Things about the Recession

As we close 2009, there’s still a lot to be concerned about. But there’s a lot to be hopeful for as well. Here are a few good things about the recession (yes, there are a few) to consider:

Three Quick Ways to De-Stress Your Holiday Season

Tis’ the season when we give lip service to rest and reflection, but in reality give in to stress and frustration. Let’s do things differently. Here’s three quick ways to de-stress your holiday season (and a couple of extras):

These Heels are Made for…Giving

Did you know that women and children make up 54% of the homeless population in Dallas? One-fourth of homeless Americans are children in homeless families.


How Do Innovators Think?

The first skill human beings learn is called “associating.” It allows creative people to make connections across seemingly unrelated questions, problems, or ideas…

The "Great Recession" is NOT so Great!

Economist Jeff Thredgold claims this recession — “The Great Recession” is the longest, deepest, and most painful since the Great Depression, has officially been with us since December 2007.

Are your employees also your honored guests?

I read a great article by speaker Simma Lieberman recently. She opened by saying, “If you don’t create a culture where employees love doing their best work, why would you be surprised if your customers are unhappy?”