Do you fail if you quit? — Developing an effective hiring process

Books have been written about the Zappos online shoe store and their highly successful concepts and unorthodox ideas.  Their customer service repos are key to that success.  A key part of Zappos’ hiring process is finding out if new hires are fully committed to their culture…so during the onboarding period, after candidates have been screened, offered a… Continue Reading

The Power of Execution

The phrase “Get ‘er done!” is a motto more people than Larry the Cable Guy can adopt. Many of us in business have more drive than “do.” Perhaps the problem is less about vision and more about execution. Here’s a few steps to help you to execute your plans more effectively:

Motivation creates behavior…creates consequences

The word “motivation” and “emotion” share the same Latin root, movere, which means ‘to move.” Notice it doesn’t indicate in which direction. Once thing is certain: Motivation creates behavior.

How to Handle YOUR Image Problem

you, or someone in your company has made private or public decisions that could negatively impact customers’ opinions of your company — no matter how it happened or who it happened to — YOU’VE got an image problem.