Development: The act of developing


All the definitions for the word develop involve a process that evolves over time. It doesn’t just happen. You can’t just go out and develop a new product line or customer or donor. It’s not just poof and there it is. It takes time and effort, trial and error to come up with a good end result.

Establishing Email Best Practices in Your Company

Petey Parker & Associates is very proud to introduce Dr. Julie Miller as a faculty member of the P3 Consulting Company. Dr. Miller is extremely talented and presents Webinars That Count! She is an incredible asset as part of our strategic alliance.

When Will it End?

time is money

Do you have sales that seem like they are never going to close? I was thinking about a few of my sales that took a lot longer than I thought they would.

Work Yourself into Financial Shape

Achieving overall health must include securing your financial health.  But attaining financial peace of mind takes effort. The consequences of insufficient planning are sleepless nights and fading hopes of the retirement and security you envisioned.