Asia – These Heels Have Been Taken For A Ride!

Haven’t we all been taken for a ride some time or other? A time when we feel we’ve been taken advantage of?  Situations when we wonder if there was a great division between what was promised and what was delivered?


These heels need to take a break.

Ah, now there’s the rub. After racing around at record speeds getting Consult P3 and The Nonprofit Roadmap off and running, flying back and forth to consult with a client in…

These heels are all dressed up!

These heals are all dressed up with somewhere to go! And that ‘somewhere’ is walking into 2011 with optimism, excitement for what this new year can bring and a ‘Can Do’ spirit.


These heels are meant for Santa and Mrs. Claus…

These heals are meant for Santa and Mrs. Claus delivering at least 1,500 Bears and other furry critters to patients at a local hospital on Christmas morning which has been our tradition for over 20 years now.

These Shoes are for Made for Making Wishes Come True

Glenda the Good Witch

Alright, so it isn’t my best look, but when a granddaughter comes to you and asks that you make her childhood dream come true by officiating at her wedding dressed as the Glenda the Good Witch, what is a Grandmother to do????


These shoes are way too hard to wear …. How did Cinderella do it?

Glass Shoe

This is a tale of Transparency.
You know the story, Cinderella wore her glass slipper to the ball, but when the clock
stuck midnight, she lost one shoe running to her carriage before it turned into a
pumpkin. The prince scours the village in search of the lady perfect enough to fit the
shoe, finds his maiden and magically she transforms her life from a position as a slave
to become a princess.

These Heels are made for running – on the treadmill?

Let’s take a moment to analyze the difference between thinking positively; i.e. “I’m getting better every day in every way” vs. the negative approach of, “How do I get off this stupid thing?” as it relates to your business and personal life style.