Business travel and the pat down.

Business Travel

This is yours truly knocking on wood. To date, I’ve not had the indignity or hassle of a security pat down. Road warriors can look ahead to more comforts in the air with more pampering, better food, flatbed seats, and tender loving care. Now we will pay 6 to 7 percent more and so far I’ve not noticed the difference.

My, Oh My – How Time Flies!

time flies

The Bureau of Labor Statistics results from the American Time Use Survey shows the average amount of time per day in 2008 that individuals (over age 15) worked, did household activities, cared for household children, participated in educational activities and engaged in leisure and sport activities

Show me a sign!

Okay, you X and Ys won’t have any idea what this is about, but the older generation kids used to delight in reading Burma Shave signs along the highway.

Was Wyatt an Earp or an AARP?

Glass of Limenade

Why in the world do we have family reunions?
I married into the Fite family and it seems that they are related to the legendary Wyatt Earp. (Pronounced Aarp.) Make no mistake by trying to convince otherwise.

How to Plan Your Next Vacation


Vacations are about memories, like the crunch of pine needles underfoot as you embark on a morning hike in the mountains…Since vacations are about memories, shouldn’t you put as much thought into planning memories as you do picking the destination? Here are a few things to consider as you plan your vacation:

Work Yourself into Financial Shape

Achieving overall health must include securing your financial health.  But attaining financial peace of mind takes effort. The consequences of insufficient planning are sleepless nights and fading hopes of the retirement and security you envisioned.