Are YOU changing or realigning??? There’s a big difference.

If it’s time to cross over the bridge to becoming a more profitable company or organization…are YOU changing or realigning??? There’s a big difference.

Change:  To make different- to put in place of something else

Realign: To arrange in a straight line – to readjust alliances or working arrangements between or within groups

There seems to be a general assumption that CHANGE is the answer to solving problems.  I would argue that a large percentage of time a great deal of time, effort and dollars can be saved by simply realigning the people, processes and planning you already have.

For instance:  You may want to take a good look at your organization chart before you consider hiring / firing employees.  Organizations of every size have been forced to make tough decisions during the last few years and will continue to consider progressive choices in the future.  Take time to see if you have the right people in the positions necessary to be successful in meeting the expectation of your new goals.  Write a job description for each position that is needed to meet the strategic (Business Plan).  Do you have the right person in that slot?  Could you CHANGE personnel or might you REALIGN by giving that same person more mentoring, training, or software to meet the demands of their new role?

Consider asking yourself what YOU might do to align yourself in an effort to cross the bridge from yesterday to tomorrow’s demands in your business and personal life!

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