Focus and Balance

“Focus and Balance” is the 2012 motto for a special client of mine.  Stop and think about it –  A few minutes of being focused and “getting IT done” soothes anxiety, gives you a sense of accomplishment, and generally adds to your productivity.  An old “Momism” teaches, “A stitch in time saves nine”!  In explaining it to my 5 year old granddaughter – that tiny hole in her prized ‘blankie’ would have been much easier to sew upon discovery instead of waiting until it was more of a ‘make-over’.  She now brings me mildly broken items to decide how many stitches we’ve saved.

Can’t the same thing be said about any procrastination?  How much time and focus are we taking away from the people we’d love to spend time with: the projects that other people need for them to move forward: the role modeling we provide for others mimicking our actions: and the consequences that follow???

Perhaps it is time to spend 5 minutes – just 5 minutes- giving your priorities some thought.  You’ll be amazed how you’ll question YOUR focus and balance as it connects with what you think is truly most important to you.

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