Where have you been in the last year?

Where have you been in the last year?

Hindsight can serve you well if you are willing to learn from mistakes, forgive the misdeeds of others, and let go of self-sustained bad habits.

Where in the world are you going in 2012?

Forgiveness and willingness to improve can take you in some wonderful new directions. Are you moving forward, or are you still sidelined by the smoke and mirrors of politics, headlines and the economy. Give yourself the gift of having a positive attitude.

What will you be walking into in 2012?

Do you have a plan?   Do you have the discipline you’ll need to implement your goals?  Keep in mind the principal of doing the hardest things first. Eat the frog first thing in the morning, and everything else is much easier to swallow the rest of the day.

P.S.   As you move into the holidays, think about whether you better at giving or receiving.  A USA Today snapshot asks the question…Which is more rewarding? A 5% raise or spending one hour a week volunteering?    46% would take the raise vs 54% who selected volunteering.  Surprised??

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