Will You Work Till You Drop?

Work Til You Drop

“I’ll work till I drop” used to be a cliché. But with depleted retirement savings and as 401(k) dropping and more than 14 million people in the job market, it looks like more American workers are delaying retirement indefinitely. A recent survey shows nearly four in 10 workers over age 62 say they have delayed their retirement because of the recession. In my book, Blueprint for Success, I note that since boomers (born between 1945 and 1965) are healthier, more active and living longer, are going to work longer, and since other generations are now in and entering the workforce, we are going to have five generations in the workplace as well as expanding lifestyles.

I believe the most effective way to handle this is to create a multi-cultural generational “salad” with an emphasis on hiring employees of various ages and stages who possess creative thinking and passion for what they do.

How do you think the trend of working boomers will affect your company? Thoughts?