Do A New You – Reinventing Yourself

Challenge Yourself

Eight-track tapes to cassettes to CDs to MP3s to streaming online. In roughly 40 years, music has stayed the same but the delivery medium has changed. Madonna, the musical mother of reinvention, has experimented with her musical style so many times that she’s now on her third “greatest hits” CD!

Master change artist Madonna has reinvented herself too (and extended her career in the process). How about you? Have you changed? If you’re still functioning the same way in your life and work, are you surprised at the results? More than sixty-nine percent of Boomers plan to work past retirement age. Many of them are embarking on second, third and even fourth careers. You can simultaneously draw from past experiences and still transition into new career paths that are less stressful and more fulfilling. After all, it’s not just about your career – it’s about your life. Here are some thoughts on how to get started:

Dare to dream. Interior designers like to start with a clean, empty room. Take yourself on a mental trip. What does your new career look like? What does it feel like to live and work differently? Do you work from home, in an office, or at the local Starbucks? Are you working in the same state or country you’re living in? Take the limits off your dreams.

Research your dream. The Internet is an amazing resource. Use it to learn more about your new life. Attend a local Meetup group. There’s another company called Vocation Vacations that offers “vacations” working in your prospective career.

Study the experts. Identify five people who are excellent at reinvention. They don’t have to be in your city, or even people you know. They don’t have to be in your industry. Study them. Read their interviews. How they face their fears. If they are accessible and available, reach out to them. Create five questions you’d like to ask, and then submit them via email, LinkedIn, Plaxo or another social networking site. Respect their time. If you’re fortunate enough to get a brief visit, respect their time. Follow up with a thank you. You may just earn a new mentor.

Volunteer a few hours in the industry you’re interested in. The time spent may help make the difference between a “go and a no go in your decision.

Face Your Fears

Face your fears. Sometimes there’s simply no template for what you do. That’s OK – It’s time for you to do it! Ignore the naysayers.

How have you (or someone you know) reinvented yourself into a fabulous new life?