For those of you curious about numbers,

Consider some recent findings:

  • 115 = the approximate number of acres (45 hectares) of watermelon fields that farmers in eastern China have lost because of melons exploded, apparently as a result of a growth chemical, according to state media.
  • 513 = number of illegal immigrants Mexican police found crowded into two tractor trailers on May 17th; the immigrants were from Central and South America, as well as China, Japan, Nepal and India.
  • 1/3 proportion of food in the world intended for human consumption that is lost or wasted – some 1.3 billion metric tons – as estimated by a report commissioned by the U.N.
  • 1,151 =number of criminals that America’s Most Wanted has helped catch: although Fox canceled the show after 23 years, the network plans to air several specials during the year.
  • 62% = portion of Americans in a poll who believe it’s wrong to celebrate any person’s death, even that of Osama bin Laden.

You can draw your own conclusions….