Do you have a compelling message for your business?

We live in a world of information clutter.  HOW, you might ask…can your message get noticed.  Let’s define a message as a narrative of what makes your business special.

Step 1.  Understand the current perception of your business in the minds of consumers and internal staff.  It is critical to not drink your own Kool-Aid and create messaging strategies in a vacuum.

Step 2.  Find authentic messages by creating a eulogy for your business.  At the core of a eulogy should be the best attributes that describe your business and the essence of what sets your business apart from everyone else.

Step 3.  Test the messaging both internally and externally.  Make sure it will be well received.  Is it believable?

Step 4.  Create a messaging “playbook” and consistently follow it. This playbook clearly defines the core messages and how they will be communicated across all activities in the company.

According to Chris Gaines of the Eureka Standard Times, a simple, authentic message that is proactively and consistently delivered by your business may be the most important marketing strategy that your business has in its arsenal.