What do you have to say about YOUR footprints this last summer?

What do you have to say about YOUR footprints this last summer?

  • Where did you go?
  • What did you do?
  • Was it worth it?

What do your footprints say about you?

  • Did you wear flip flops or go barefoot?
  • Did you dress up in your finest big girl/boy shoes?
  • Did you don your running shoes?

Did you leave your mark wherever you traveled?

  • Were you memorable to the people you met?
  • Were you interested in most everything going on within your environment?
  • Were you interesting and open to sharing the goodness of life?

I took a girls trip to Nova Scotia with a dear friend.  We spent five glorious days in laughing, learning, meeting people, making our eyes happy by seeing beautiful scenery, sharing stories, exploring and being basically carefree.

One stop took us to huge sand dunes- red & white beaches- rolling waves.  We stayed long enough to take the photo above showing the high heel sitting by a sandcastle being viewed by a newly formed lobster.  I wondered about the ever shifting sands; the power of nature to change and re-arrange miles of terrain;  the fact that soon the waves and the wind would sweep away someone’s creativity and my footprints; and only  there memory and my photo would remain.

What shifts your sand?

The economy, insecurities, obligations, motivations, praise, lack of praise, dreams …..     There is a saying that my husband of fond of quoting, “It is what it is” and I would add, “Until you make it what you want it to be.”

Who will follow in your footprints?

Consider your footprints the beginning of a succession plan – business as well as personal.  Where you go, what you do and how you do it leaves a mark.  You really never know when a close friend or a stranger will discover something in what you have created and capture it in a memory that makes a difference in their lives.  Give note to the sandcastles and footprints you leave behind.

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