Three guys and a girl, but where are the high-heels?

All of my past blogs have featured a photo of where my high-heels have been with the narrative reflecting the visual.  This time what you see is three guys and a girl looking calm and businesslike. What you don’t see are my heels and the gentlemen’s well polished shoes.  What you don’t know is, like the proverbial duck, how fast we all are paddling beneath that calm exterior and how excited we are to introduce an incredible program called Crisis Management – Facing the Vortex.

Crisis comes on all levels and have this in common…they are unexpected and they always have a ripple effect.

The dust has not yet settled on the global tragedies. Our nation and the people living in this amazing country are faced with daily challenges. And in our own lives we acknowledge and react according to our self confidence in knowing what to do and suffer greatly when we don’t know where to begin.

Consult P3 (an alliance of Petey Parker and Associates and partnership with Andy Klausner of AK Advisory Partners) decided to help small and medium sized companies go way beyond the normal crisis management courses and set a new standard of being prepared.  An impressive team, pictured above, was selected from our P3 University and each member addresses a different aspect of crisis management:

Charley Wilson’s experience includes several decades managing communication strategies at American Airlines, Verizon, GTE and, most recently, the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee.  Charley focuses on defining a crisis.

Jeff Brady is a broadcast news veteran with almost 20 years of journalism experience in three states and five separate markets. Jeff provides spokesperson training and helps companies develop their media message.

Andy Klausner, Consult P3 co-founder, oversees the assessment and implementation.

Yours truly helps define the roles leadership should assume in a crisis.

We presented two days of training at a Dallas roofing company that included one soft drill after setting up the Command Center, and one SURPRISE CUSTOMIZED BIGGER THAN LIFE DRILL the second day to see if they ‘got it’.

You might be asking, “Did they get it?” Let’s see what you think.  We presented a full Leadership Bootcamp for the company.  Their leadership committed to meet over a period of several months for intensive training ending with three sessions on crisis management described above.  Just a few weeks later, a real crisis hit.  You probably heard about the ice on the roof of the stadium where Super Bowl XLV was held.  Our clients built that roof and knew exactly how to go into action, what to say and what not to say to the press, and had the confidence to make the best of a bad situation.  The president of that company said they excelled in the situation because their team knew what procedures to follow due to their Vortex training.

So, what’s the point?  We will all have crisis in our lives. Some small and some large – hopefully not devastating.  The trick to surviving them depends on our attitude, our confidence of being prepared, our faith, our concern for others and our ability to be – or at least appear to be, calm even though we are paddling like crazy underneath it all.

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