Stay in The Game – Hire a Business Coach

Football Coach

Football season is well underway. But sports teams aren’t the only ones hiring coaches. Many executives are proactively participating in their own recession recovery by hiring a business coach to sharpen their vision. It’s not just CEOs; small business owners also realize that they should use every weapon in their arsenal to their business advantage. A recent study showed that life, executive and career coaches are a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Business coaches are nothing new; they came to popularity in the early 90s. The resurgence is both a reflection of the individualization of the marketplace as well as a reflection of the collaborative, global focus of the times. A business coach’s job is to ensure that their client’s values and skills are identified, highlighted and used to their highest and best use.

How do you decide whether you need a business coach?

Are you ready for change? In other words, are you willing to quickly implement the coach’s suggestions, at least give them an opportunity to succeed?

What are your knowledge gaps? Do you understand all the aspects of your business? Are you willing to make honest assessments and adjustments?

Would you prefer someone local or remote? With our wireless world, your business coach could reside anywhere. One company, The Coach Connection, is entirely telephone-based.

Are you and your coach a good fit? This is essential. Some coaches specialize in a specific business or industry. Others take a more holistic approach, integrating the leader’s life and work goals. Some coaches ask a series of questions to help a client arrive at a conclusion. Some coaches are business experts, others are not. Find a coach that works for you.

Leading and executing a vision can be a lonely quest, but you don’t have to go it alone. My consulting company brings perspective, insight and clarity to executive coaching services. Contact me for more information.