Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Recently, my husband and I were treated to a private tour of the Perot Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas (currently under construction) and had a training course of how building cranes are put together and torn down. It was far from surprising that they both start with an incredibly strong foundation based on what they would be expected to support.

That’s a great principle for construction, and it also works just as well for any organization, as large as a government or corporation to as small as a family unit. The leaders of the organization must remember that it takes a strong foundation to stand, and that the quality of the foundation is instrumental in any organization’s success.

Uncover and dust off that Strategic Plan developed long ago. Is it still strong enough to sustain the load it’s carrying? Reanalyze the objectives one by one. Prioritize whatever needs shoring up, and implement those improvements in stages. Change can be overwhelming, or it can be invigorating as you work toward the future you want to have.

Don’t forget your personal foundation. Never has it been more important to be standing on firm ground. Ask yourself, “Do I have the right supports in place to carry my goals?”

The greater responsibilities and desires for the future, the stronger your supports need to be.

Leadership is never complacent, and never loses sight of the prize.
If you see a crack in your foundation, or you want to add more stories to your building, what are you going to do to make it happen?