In with the new … out with the old!

These shoes made the cut!

We have a rule at our “limited space” house; bring in something that’s not perishable  and two items need to go out to make room.  I just purchased three pairs of shoes and was challenged to discard 6 of the well worn pairs.

It was like tossing away good friends. Those heels have traveled hundreds, if not thousands of miles with me.  They have bungee jumped, flown on Russian jets, walked in marathons, danced, attended weddings/ funerals/ births/ and other amazing events.  These molded pieces of leather have impressed more people than imaginable with their style and non-sensibility.

They are not just another pair of of shoes- they have history. They’ve been constant companions.  They have put up with being reheeled and resoled; buffed and polished; scuffed and trodden; stepped on and squeezed into.  Would a person go through all that and still be there for you.  Not many…and not gladly.  But, wait a minute… in reflection, maybe the same is true about people?

What about our friends and family?  I mean, do we simply replace them when we introduce new people into our lives? Do we forget the folks who have been there for us through thick and thin?

Maybe it is time to re- SOUL them!  Tell them how much they mean to us and that there is plenty of room for them in our hearts.

What are you waiting for? Call, text, email, hug, and communicate with someone you care about right NOW!

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