Giving doesn't mean having to be squeezed 'until it hurts'….

We’ve all heard the phrase…”give until it hurts”. Why should it have to hurt? Why not say instead…”give until it makes you feel good”?

Non-profits have been learning how to function under the mantra of ‘doing more with less’ without sacrificing the quality of their programs. Our strategic alliance, The Non-Profit Roadmap, has worked with a variety of organizations that offer a broad range of services. Ultimately, they all have the same goal, which is to provide with a servant’s heart and raise enough money to fund their programs. The bottom line is that they can’t do it without the open hearts and open wallets offered by each of us.

When people say they are bored, I say, go volunteer for something.

When people ask is this day ever going to be over, I say, tell that to the cancer patient who is praying for one more day.

When people say life is tough, I ask, compared to what?

When people say my shoes hurt, I say, take them off, but be thankful you have them.
Life is for living- even when we are not making the living we’d like to make.

Life is for loving – even when we are not always feeling lovable.

Life is for sharing – especially when it hurts, but it makes a difference to someone else.
So give until it helps. Give until it makes you happy. Give because you make a difference. Give knowing that you may not receive anything in return, but you understand what it might feel like to walk in someone else’s shoes.
Lillie Tomlin once said, “I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that…then I realized that I was someone.” Given a choice, BE SOMEONE!

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