Control Your Own Destiny – Now What?

That’s the question on most people’s minds. August brought more bad news on the economy, and pessimism on the economic outlook continues to increase. Fall is always an important time, as we strive to meet our goals for the year, and plan for and set goals for next year. Given today’s economic uncertainty, making the most of the remaining months of 2010 was more important than ever.

There is little any of us can do individually to impact the macro-economic course for next year and beyond. But to get caught up in the “glass is half empty” mentality is sure to hurt your business. Your clients will take a cue from your attitude – negativism breeds negativism. What’s called for is realism and honesty.

What you can impact now – and what will have an influence long into 2011 and beyond – is how you’re running your business. This special edition of our newsletter will focus on ideas to help your control what you can control – the image that you portray to prospects and clients (your brand), the markets that you target and the manner in which you run your business.

Regardless of market conditions, taking the time to reflect on how to be the best that you can be is always a winning strategy.

Jump into 2011 – and control your own destiny.

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