Are you living on a cloud?

For those of us still wondering what the big deal is about Cloud Computing –  her is the best description I’ve found – sent by Mentis Group.

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing that allows users to access resources, devices and services on demand.  In general, users of cloud computing do not own the physical infrastructure.  This allows them to avoid major expenses by renting from a third-party provider.  Paying only for the resources it uses can save businesses money on hardware, software and services.

Cloud computing has little or no upfront fees, no recurring maintenance costs and low management overhead.  It maintains and manages itself.  Cloud computing also provides immediate access to a broad range of applications and users pay only on a utility or subscription basis.  In addition, users can terminate the contract at any time.

Another advantage of cloud computing is that it allows for the sharing of perishable and intangible computing power among multiple users, thereby improving utilization rates —- because servers are always in use.  That, in turn, increases the speed of application development.