Are you cruisin' or snoozin'?

It’s almost time to think vacation and that’s good….can you afford the time and money to be away? Do you give yourself permission to sail away with a clear conscience? If the answer is no, let’s talk about the quality of your life. You do have a life that you call your own, right?

I wonder how many people I’ve burdened with how very, very busy I am. Far too busy and important to simply enjoy being away and spend time in that present. Is this the role model I want to set for others? Inspiring them to be overachievers and workaholics? Work isn’t work unless there is something you’d rather do, eh?

A recent cruise and time at the beach signaled it was time for reflection. I absolutely am blessed to do what I do. My clients are incredible. I’ve created a new company with a partner and amazing faculty members that is exhilarating. Helping nonprofits do more with less is an honor. Somehow having the opportunity to make a living sharing ideas, options and solutions with others seems plenty darn worthwhile. At the same time, I look at the vastness and power of the ocean and realize how, in the big scheme of things, it’s a great environment to clear the mind and refresh the head, heart and soul.

I highly recommend cruisin’ and snoozin’. Even if it’s just within your imagination. Better still if it is with people you love to love. This is your LIFE – live it in abundance and with balance.

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