Agile Business Leader – Developing the Next Generation

Business Leader

Many organizations agree that people are their most valuable asset yet few consider its importance. Instead organizations are thought of simply in terms of what they produce; products and services rather than the talent that creates those things.

There is a secret to developing talent in your organization; everybody has it! Historically the “development” philosophy within organizations has been to spend great amounts of time and money on “fixing what’s broken”.  There has become a misguided belief that this will create excellence.

Over the past few years I have been working from the opposite perspective which has proven to create exponentially faster change at the individual, team and organizational levels. My experience has found its exponentially faster to develop people, teams and whole organizations by helping people find their “gifts” (what they are good at) and enabling them to get even better. When you work from this point of positiveness, people are encouraged to address their perceived “weaknesses” from a position of strength.  In other words they use their strengths to positively improve upon their weaknesses.

While working with organizations across the world, I found that if you want to quickly get ahead in today’s global economy you have to learn how to be adaptive, flexible and work with emerging trends and demanding customers.

Emerging leaders should consider strengthening their skills in the following four areas so they can; respond quickly to the needs of the organization, become resilient to change and learn from and build upon the shared knowledge of the organization.

  1. Building Specialist skills– Understanding money management, business operations, business etiquette, having a professional image and improving your English language skills to work in the global market.
  2. Becoming a Champion within yourself– Understanding your personality and how it impacts others, managing stress and anger, building your social and business network, acting with courage, setting high expectations and developing your self esteem
  3. Learning to Enable learning of yourself and others– Having listening skills, possessing strong presentation skills, knowing how to negotiate and resolve conflict, knowing how to facilitate results and being able to manage appropriate business communications.
  4. Thinking and acting strategically– Knowing how to succeed in other parts of the world, able to lead change, able to be innovative, capable of strategic thinking.

How we do business is changing and how we need to lead during these changing times is changing faster as well. The developing Third World has no reason to behave by old rules and in fact, has every reason to take extreme risks in pursuit of transcendent rewards. The old command and control models for leaders are being replaced by a new approach that fosters a highly collaborative, ethically based approach to achieving a positively focused “desired future state”.

The next generation leaders need to be agile in order to succeed.  They will be able to incorporate the ingenuity, resourcefulness, skills and abilities of each of their team members and leverage the resources of the organization in building opportunities and solutions. The next generation of leaders WILL BE Agile Business Leaders.

Eileen Dowse, founder of Human Dynamics, is an innovative, results-oriented human resources leader with extensive experience in organizational development, executive coaching, human relations and facilitation.  Human Dynamics provides coaching and counseling to executives and leaders from a variety of industries in the areas of performance, productivity, career transition and workplace dynamics. Industries served include high technology, manufacturing, government, research and development and higher education.