The Non Profit Roadmap

It is critical for non profits to create a path to efficiency and effectiveness in order to continue to serve their beneficiaries.

The Non Profit Roadmap with Petey Parker offers non-profits customized programs that go beyond the strategic plan. Whether it’s a one day seminar, one-on-one executive coaching, hands-on staff mentoring/coaching, creating and implementing a strategic plan or a series of sessions, non-profits will be able to show accountability and measurable results to their board of directors and donors.

Petey utilizes a team of industry talent to help you maximize your people’s talent and improve your processes to better serve the community.

How the Non Profit Roadmap Works:

  1. Introductory meeting to exchange ideas
  2. A needs assessment will be conducted to define the needs in planning, people, and processes
  3. Our proposal will outline solutions, fees, and terms of recommended programs
  4. Your customized programs will be created and implemented based on your choices of solutions and your budget
  5. Ongoing support will be provided through follow up meetings to ensure that the strategic plan is being implemented.