How to knock your clients’ socks off

Are your customers happy? Your customers are your biggest asset. Developing retention strategies that identity your loyal customers and supports their needs should be at the top of your organization’s priority list. As a three part series we will be discussing three types of service: Complacency Service, Concierge Service, and Customer Service.

Complacency is defined as quiet satisfaction, self-satisfaction or smugness thinking–“We are as good as we need to be to make a profit.” Complacency creates customer resentment and is bound to show up in your company’s employee morale and overall profit.

What to do if your organization is complacent:

  1. Admit it! Own it! Do something about it!
  2. Take a fresh look at what you are doing now, and delete and refresh where needed.
  3. Create a measurable plan of action.

Follow through with a commitment to evaluate every quarter (we generally lose focus within every 90 days).
A major client called us into their boardroom to tell us that they were going to switch to our competitor because they felt we had become complacent about their business.Watch the video below to see how we offered knock your socks off service to maintain the account for years. We never forgot this lesson!

Our Company is blessed to have incredible clients and our silent pledge is to always bring value to the table as well as show appreciation for the opportunity to work with and for them.

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