Crisis looming?

What is your Identity Crisis? Our company, Consult P3 has a team of faculty members who present a program called, ‘Facing the Vortex’. It is not a matter of if you will have a crisis, but when and to what degree. Crisis comes in all sizes – from small smoldering embers to complete devastation.
When you feel a crisis building, can you contain it with preparation and foresight? Are you way past the “take a deep breath” stage one and into OMG stage four? Do you know how to ask for help?

Step #1 – Identify the problem.
Step #2 – Decide if you want to live with it or do something about it.
Step #3 – Start surrounding yourself with the right people to help you through the maze.
Step #4 – Don’t allow yourself to repeat mistakes. Use hindsight vision as a preventative measure.

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