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Delete or Refresh?

What if you had a delete and refresh button for doing business in a new or better way? The store manager of Belk’s Department Store asked a similar question of his staff. His task was to take over a store that had been opened for the previous 22 years and was perhaps getting a bit complacent. With that question alone he got their attention, creative ideas, “buy in” and certainly a refreshing new outlook that made them even more customer-centric. He turned Mind Set into being more Open Minded. Salem Boohaker now manages the Belk Galleria Flagship store in Dallas, Texas. Imagine for a moment that you could push a… Continue Reading

Two Minute Tip: Change Your Words, Change Your World (Part 2)

            Tips • Remember to say “please and thank you”. Check out this featured article on 40 Different Ways to Say Thank You at Work. • Unexpected acts of kindness illustrate the authenticity of your brand. • Make sure your organization has systems to examine the different conflict management styles of employees and managers. • Provide training on ways to recognize triggers and ways to control impulses and responses. Books Talk to the Hand – by Lynne Truss You’ve Got to Be Believed to Be Heard – by Bert Decker Contact us at for strategies on how to cultivate civility in your organization.  

Change Your Words, Change Your World

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” is easy to say, but hard to accept.    We have a fabulous member on our  Consult P3 team whose business is based on helping companies and organizations learn the power of a sincere apology – one that takes ownership of the wrongdoing while suggesting measures of rectifying the wrong that has been done. Saying you’re sorry when you have no idea at all what you’ve done is a poor attempt at best. Name the harm done; admit your part of that; and sincerely show remorse. Our lives are very busy and our time is short. However taking the time… Continue Reading

Do you have an existence speech?

It’s not what you say, but the way that they hear it!  Who are you? You are 3 people. 1. Who you are 2. Who you think you are 3. Who others perceive you to be Who do you say you are when people ask you what you do? What is your elevator speech? Our normal response when asked what we do is usually a conversation stopper. We simply state the obvious instead of taking the opportunity of expressing some interesting facts about our existence. Some time ago I asked my grandson what he did for the hospital he worked for and he replied that he worked in the IT… Continue Reading

Do you fail if you quit? — Developing an effective hiring process

Books have been written about the Zappos online shoe store and their highly successful concepts and unorthodox ideas.  Their customer service repos are key to that success.  A key part of Zappos’ hiring process is finding out if new hires are fully committed to their culture…so during the onboarding period, after candidates have been screened, offered a job, and have completed a few weeks of training, Zappos offers them a chance to quit with a bonus equivalent to their first month’s salary (for example, $2,000 just for quitting).  All they have to do is go through an exit interview and surrender their eligibility to be rehired. Through this hiring process Zappos finds… Continue Reading

Introducing: Two Minute Tips!

Introducing: Two Minute Tips

This video series is created for those of you who have too much to do and not enough productive time to stay in tune and touch with the fast paced expectation of 2014.  Our intent is to bring you short and concise Two Minute Tips that will keep you in the know! Each month we’ll be taking on the task of consolidating key industry related Tips, Trends, and Truisms. In addition to the Two Minute Tip video, we’ll also include resources relative to the topic. This month’s topic…The Year of Change! Let us know what you think…and the topics you would be interested in hearing about! Resources Articles:  Lifehacker: Why You’re So… Continue Reading

Let’s Face It!


We have been blessed to take some incredible trips as evidenced by the 4,000 photos I have in the memory cards when we return. There is a reason for calling them memory cards…we capture the moments that our minds can’t always recall. Our albums are full of the people we touched and were touched by. Each person has a story and so often that story was clearly revealed by their expressions shown. Faces exude expressiveness and extract emotions from us – making us smile, making us laugh, feel afraid, feel compassion for, and wanting to know them better. Here is an overview of some of the intriguing people caught by… Continue Reading

You Can Have It All, Just Not All At Once!

I am proud to announce Sherri’s new book titled – You Can Have It All, Just Not All At Once! endorsed by Ms. Ebby Halliday and Mr. Clint Haggard. You Can Have It All features personal stories from thirty-five women and one man who powerfully share their struggles and triumphs as they strive to have it all. This book is for women everywhere who are striving to have it all. Inside, you’ll find the personal stories of lessons learned by the top women executives and entrepreneurs across the country. These women have shared stories from their hearts about how they climbed the corporate ladder and balanced family obligations while also… Continue Reading