Work Yourself into Financial Shape

“Hello everyone and Happy Spring!  Each month we will be asking a guest blogger to talk about getting into shape – physical, mental, psychological and financial.  I’m excited about introducing our first guest blogger… my longtime friend and new business partner, Andy Klausner of AK Advisory Partners. He will share some of his vast knowledge by posting for us a much needed guide on “how to get into financial shape”!  Please join me as a subscriber to Andy’s informative sites:


Achieving overall health must include securing your financial health.  But attaining financial peace of mind takes effort. The consequences of insufficient planning are sleepless nights and fading hopes of the retirement and security you envisioned.

I recently heard about a couple that was suing their brokerage firm. What was shocking is that the two readily acknowledged that they had not realized how much money they had lost. For the past year they had been too scared to open their monthly statements. Like so many investors, they were managing their portfolio themselves. Sadly, they didn’t realize until too late that saving the fee associated with hiring a professional advisor cost them so much more in the long run.

When people have legal issues, they almost always call a lawyer. The same goes for calling a CPA to help with their taxes. But for some reason, many people believe that they can manage their financial health themselves. They squeeze it in between all of life’s many daily tasks. Big mistake! Here’s some advice to consider, regardless of the size of your portfolio:

  • Hire a professional to help with your estate and financial planning. Ask your friends or trusted advisors for referrals to assist in selecting the right person.
  • Develop a customized investment plan in tandem with your financial professional. Be sure to ask to be educated on investing; then make sure that you set realistic financial expectations.
  • Develop a relationship/partnership with your financial professional. Take responsibility; stay current on your portfolio’s activities by regularly monitoring your progress.
  • Replace your financial professional if you are unhappy – but don’t go it alone!

End those sleepless nights. Plan your legacy and retirement on your own terms!