Women Outpacing Men in Earning College Degrees

Business Leader

Kiplinger reports that: not only are women outpacing men in earning college degrees, they’re also starting more small businesses. The number of firms owned by women is growing 50% faster than the total number of small businesses. By 2018, a third of new U.S. Jobs will be generated by female- owned companies.

Fields showing swift growth in ownership by women: Construction, real estate, rental and leasing. Women now own a fourth of such firms. Shipping, warehousing, waste services and educational services add to the high numbers.

The shift has implications for employees, customers and competitors. Typically, women business owners are more aware of differentiating themselves from rivals and are more likely to ally themselves with other small- firm owners than their male counterparts are. They are also more likely to take advantage of the Small Business Administration, or other available public and private resources.

Speaking for myself, all of the above were factors in starting our newest company, Consult P3 and adding the strategic alliance of The Non Profit Roadmap to Petey Parker and Associates.

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