What in the world possessed you to buy THAT home?

Top influences in selecting a Home

The 2009 National Association of REALTORS Profile of home buyers and sellers reported the results of a survey of consumers and real estate agents regarding top influential characteristics in selecting a home.

Considered by 64% of individuals when deciding where to live, quality of neighborhood was one of the most cited factors. Additional attributes that those surveyed deemed important:

  • Convenience to jobs:50%
    • Commuting costs are key factor in neighborhood selection
  • Overall affordability of homes: 43%
    • Your real estate agent might inform you of price appreciation trends in order to give you an idea of how solid your investment is or will be.  Visit the local government planning agency to ask about future developments, such as new roadways, commercial construction and housing developments that may affect values.
  • Convenience to family and friends: 37%
    • With limited time and money, people prefer to live near the places they frequent, as well as have access to public transportation
  • Quality of the school district: 26%
    • Local schools that are recognized for their excellence help add value to surrounding neighborhoods and are an important selling point for homes on the marker.  Details such as test scores, class size, special programs and the percentage of students who go on to college can be provided upon request from the school district.
  • Other Worthy Neighborhood Factors:
    • 25% = Convenience to Shopping
    • 23% = Neighborhood Design
    • 21% Convenience to Schools

What possessed you to buy your home?  Inquiring minds want to know ….