These normally high-heeled feet are meant for walking in someone else’s shoes!

woman in mans shoes

As the saying goes, “Don’t judge another person until you’ve walked a mile in their moccasins.’

Would YOU take a different stand if you spent some time wearing somebody else’s  shoes?

What would happen if you …

  1. Opened your ears
    • There was a survey taken by asking a person to hear (in his mind only) the song Happy Birthday and simply tap out the rhythm to a person listening to the tapping without any idea of what the song choice is.  After a period of time, frustration grew with both persons.  The tapper knew exactly what was playing in his head, but the listener heard only what sounded like Morse code.  How often do we just assume that we are understood only to discover the listener needed to hear us say the words, write the message and/or clarify the intent of the communication?
  2. Opened your eyes
    • What is the other person showing us through their body language, their dress, their mode of presenting themselves to us?  Do we only see what we want to see so that we don’t have to get engaged in the real story?
  3. Opened your heart
    • Time after time we are told that if we truly knew the other persons past and present concerns and circumstances we would NEVER trade places with them.
  4. Opened your mind
    • Knowledge is the basis of incredible power.  Negotiating to a win-win position happens far more easily and rapidly if you take the time to jump into the other persons state of mind and sense what they are feeling from the situation they’ve found themselves in.
    • Debating tends to put you at odds – while asking the other person to help you understand how they feel will enlighten you.

Hopefully the end result will mean that you learn to understand to be understood.  Understanding can never be over-rated or over-stated, eh?  To quote  Don Swartz, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”.

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