These Heels are made for running – on the treadmill?

Yes, the proverbial treadmill, and that is not all bad!  It doesn’t matter whether you’re running for physical or fiscal health. The “why” is more important than the “what.”It doesn’t matter if you are on the treadmill by choice for the sake of your health and well being. It doesn’t matter if you are staying on, but feeling out of control and feeling you are going nowhere FAST.   It’s all about your attitude and expectation of results in return for the effort you made.

Let’s take a moment to analyze the difference between thinking positively; i.e. “I’m getting better every day in every way” vs. the negative approach of, “How do I get off this stupid thing?” as it relates to your business and personal life style.

Accent the positive by…

  1. Knowing why you are getting on the treadmill to begin with…
    • Is it a healthy reason (mentally and physically)?
  2. Setting goals
    • What do you want to have happen?  Ask yourself, “WHY?”  Is it to be better fit or is it to further your career. Like the answer you give yourself – or change it.
  3. Knowing what results you expect
    • How will you measure your success – Will it be in health, wealth, self (ego), spiritual, social improvements?
  4. Creating and implementing your plan of action
    • Create a plan of action
    • Work out -Set the pace –sometimes pushing the bar- sometimes taking a breather
    • Remember why you chose to jump on this treadmill in the first place
    • Create affirmations as reminders that your goal is a gift you are giving yourself
  5. Celebrating your success –
    • Tell yourself “Ya done goooood!”

Delete the Negative by…

  • Asking yourself how and why you’ve found yourself racing with the clock day after day
  • Stop being a victim of circumstances
  • Making a safe exit
  • Promising yourself that life is too short to accept negativity
  • And don’t mess with Mr. In-between – Either get on or get off, but either way – be in control!

The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them. – George Bernard Shaw

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