These Heals Were There When The Fog Lifted

These heels witnessed a wall of fog lifting off the Pacific Ocean giving clarity and transparency to an amazing view.

Each time I fly in or out of Eureka, California to visit my client, the airlines warn that we may or may not be able to land or take off due to poor visibility. Seems the Arcada Airport was used as a training field for Air Force pilots learning to negotiate runways in the worst of weather conditions. Knowing that this particular area is totally fogged in a majority of time and that they’ve been without radar for several months, you have a dicey situation most certainly unappealing to personnel, passengers, crew, tourists, business travelers and most anyone on a time frame.

To the average person it seems illogical that they would maintain the airport in that location, but somehow the seasoned fliers seem to have accepted this as, “That’s just the way it is…..” I, I wonder … how much better would it be to make more progressive changes for the convenience of the customers and employees it would serve?

It may be well to consider the fog in our own personal lives and businesses. What needs to happen to bring clarity, prospective and insight into our lives?

Maybe it’s time to lift the veil that clouds the issues that surround us and insist upon a better view! “To know what we do not know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.” – Copernicus, Polish Astronomer

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