Do you fail if you quit? — Developing an effective hiring process

Books have been written about the Zappos online shoe store and their highly successful concepts and unorthodox ideas.  Their customer service repos are key to that success.  A key part of Zappos’ hiring process is finding out if new hires are fully committed to their culture…so during the onboarding period, after candidates have been screened, offered a… Continue Reading

Stay in The Game – Hire a Business Coach

Football season is well underway. But sports teams aren’t the only ones hiring coaches. Many executives are proactively participating in their own recession recovery by hiring a business coach to sharpen their vision.

Staying the Course in Rough Waters

Waves of negative quarterly reports. Lightning-fast layoffs and cutbacks. Winds of bad news. We’ve been in economic downturn cycles before. But slowly, finally, things are slowly starting to look up. Here are my thoughts on how to prepare for smoother sailing as well as stay the course in rough waters: Think like a newbie. If… Continue Reading