Handling Holiday Returns

It’s inevitable – either someone gave you something that you don’t care for, or you got someone something they didn’t care for. If your company is in the business of selling anything, products or services, returns will come into play. Here’s a few short tips:

Seven Steps to Great Customer Service

Customer Service

The perfect salmon filet at a local café. A product packaged in the perfect shade of blue. People have positive buying experiences every day. Customer service, in a nutshell, is influence translated into delivery and execution. I know everyone’s company is fantastic and everyone customer loves them.

Truth…or Consequences?

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry…” Sadly, that truth only exists in the movies! As long as we’re working with people, there will always be the need to apologize. Apologizing is like a “room freshener” for your company’s culture:

Get Back In the Game!

OK, we get it: It’s bad and we know it. More than 7.2 million jobs have been lost since the beginning of this recession. The average growth rate in annual earnings has dipped to 2.5%. With a steady news diet of layoffs, price increases, and other issues, it’s easy to turn into a corporate Cowardly Lion.