Putting Your Best Foot Forward

The leaders of the organization must remember that it takes a strong foundation to stand, and that the quality of the foundation is instrumental in any organization’s success.


What the Oscars Taught Me About Business

The 2010 awards season has just ended – and the campaigning for the 2011 season has just begun! I believe you can learn business tips from just about anything. Here’s a few thoughts on this year’s Academy Awards© program:

These heels are in the middle of Nowhere..Where are YOU?

Why and how are you spending your time, talent and finances in your personal and business life? What are your goals? What are your priorities? Where is your passion? What are you thinking?? Maybe it’s time to give some thought to what is important in your life.


Stay in The Game – Hire a Business Coach

Football season is well underway. But sports teams aren’t the only ones hiring coaches. Many executives are proactively participating in their own recession recovery by hiring a business coach to sharpen their vision.

Seven Steps to Great Customer Service

Customer Service

The perfect salmon filet at a local café. A product packaged in the perfect shade of blue. People have positive buying experiences every day. Customer service, in a nutshell, is influence translated into delivery and execution. I know everyone’s company is fantastic and everyone customer loves them.

Hello World and Welcome to My Blog!

Petey Parker

I’ve been in the business world as a keynote speaker and consultant for a long time. I’ve learned a lot – both what to do and what not to do! It’s time to share my perspective with you, as well as offer my comments on today’s issues and headlines.