Should Companies Restrict Facebook or Twitter Account Access for Their Employees During Working Hours?

The Dallas Business Journal ran a survey asking this very question and had 962 responses …

37%   Yes. Tweeting hurts productivity

21%  No. Social networking aids in marketing

19%  Yes.  New liabilities could be created

17%  No.  Work hours no longer limited to 9-5

6%  No.  A ban is disrespectful to the staff

0%  My employees don’t have computer access.

Comments included : “Employees don’t need to be wasting time checking Facebook posts, etc.  I know from my experience at home in the evenings that you can suddenly discover you’ve been on FB two hours without realizing it.  That would be wasted time if in the office.  FB & Twitter should be blocked at businesses IMO.” “Only specific individuals within an organization should be ‘tweeting,” etc.  An organization needs to make sure the messages that are being tweeted are congruent with mission, values and direction in which the organization is going.”

Note from Petey:  Check with your HR department and policy manuals to make sure you and your employees know exactly what is expected.  Take in to account the generational differences!!!