New managers: Don’t fall prey to these mistakes

“There’s an intrinsic value in doing something without being the best at it.”- Susie Gephard
Whether you’re a brand new manager, or you’ve just been promoted to a level of higher responsibility, you’ve got to watch yourself.  Early mistakes can create an avalanche of resentment that will bury your potential and good intentions.  Don’t commit these unforced errors:

  • Change for the sake of change.  Certainly some things are going to be different, but some things got the way they are for good reason.  Immediately sweeping away all the old rules and procedures is a mistake.
  • Careless promises.  Never promise anything you aren’t absolutely certain you can deliver.  Remember that you cannot buy loyalty.
  • Playing favorites.  Yes, some employees are more dependable than others.  But your job is to manage all of them (or do something about those with significant performance issues).
  • Hoarding the work.  Training and delegating are among your most important responsibilities as a manager.
  • Temper Tantrums.  Develop your patience and self-control.  The trick is to be frustrated or angry at the things that are going wrong, not at the people.
  • Special privileges.  Remember that everyone is watching you.  You can’t expect employees to give 110 percent if you’re not doing the same.

(Adapted from The First Book of Common-Sense Management, by Diane Tracy) by William Morrow
Petey’s Comment – Not bad reminders for those of you who’ve been around for awhile!

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