My, Oh My – How Time Flies!

time flies

The Bureau of Labor Statistics results from the American Time Use Survey shows the average amount of time per day in 2008 that individuals  (over age 15) worked, did household activities, cared for household children, participated in educational activities and engaged in leisure and sport activities.  Here are some of the results:

  • 9.39 hours spent on personal care activities (includes sleep)
  • 5.18 hours spent on leisure and sports
  • 3.73 hours spent on work
  • 1.73 hours spent on household activities
  • 1.23 hours spent on eating and drinking
  • .77 hours spent on purchasing goods and services
  • .53 hours spent on caring for and helping household members
  • .47 hours spent on educational activities
  • .33 hours spent on organizational, civic and religious activities
  • .23 hours spent on caring for and helping non-household members
  • .21 hours spent on telephone calls, mail and e-mail
  • .20 hours spent on misc. other activities

Note from Petey:  I am amazed that only .21 hours are spent on telephone calls, mail and e-mail.  Did they include SEO – Text- IMO!!!!    12 minutes – are you kidding me????  Where am I going wrong?   What has my life come to that I know at least 4 hours a day average is spent with techy toys within my reach!

Or when Chiang Kai-Shek said, “We become what we do.”  Was he talking only to me???  What about YOU???

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